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Simple things to keep little ones busy - outside

Some links and things.

How about some light reading to start the week? Here are some links to articles I've enjoyed recently. 

  • Mosquito nets and floor beds? You can see how one family has made it work here. Please let Marilia know if you have any other ideas on how to use the a mosquito net with a floor bed. 
  • Two posts that I love from little eco footprints. One of my favourite advent calendars on the web and if you cannot make your own gifts why not buy homemade
  • If you are in Canberra and looking for something eco friendly, fair trade, upcycled or local you might be interested in the Eco-Elves Night Market. We don't have many gifts to buy but I'm thinking the market might give Caspar some wonderful making and recycling inspiration. What great role models for young children - creative adults who reuse and upcycle.  
It's really simple and easy for me to share links via Facebook. If you are not already following you can see our Facebook page here. This week (on the blog) I will be posting a review of GLOB paints (by Rachel, make sure you check out her blog as it's full of Montessori goodness), a tour of Caspar and Otis's room, an update on toilet learning (because that is all that is occupying my mind right now) and perhaps a look into Caspar's making box. See you tomorrow!
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