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A Montessori Activity - Preparing a Snack from Start to Finish

A Montessori Activity
Looking for a gift for a child? How about some seeds, seedlings or a plant that produces fruit?

Looking for a Montessori activity for your child? No need to buy a book or read a manual. Montessori at home is more about enjoying everyday living than many would acknowledge. 

We may not be milling our own flour (I'm working on that) or milking our own cow but Otis can still enjoy a process from start to finish. Pick. Wash. Slice. Serve. One seriously happy toddler. 

Washing strawberries - child sized colander
Slicing strawberries
Slicing strawberries - using a toddler knife
Otis serving the strawberries
P.S. His knife is not sharp, it's not possible for him to cut himself with it. My promised puzzle post will be up tomorrow. Sorry I'm so behind in responding to emails. I really love corresponding with you, I just need some time to catch up. Keep an eye out at Hello Bee for my first guest post about... Discovery Baskets! 
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