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Favourite Puzzles - Toddlers to Preschoolers

Favourite Puzzles Toddlers to Preschoolers

1. Plan Toy Geometric Peg Board, 2. Grimm's Small Octagon, 3. Grimm's Waldorf Square, 4. Alphabet Puzzle - Lower Case, 5. Wooden Tangram, 6. Australia Map Pegged Puzzle, 7. Plan Toys Geometric Sorting Board, 8. 3-D Feel and Find, 9. Voila Toys Fraction Tray, 10. Melissa and Doug Seasons Puzzle Set, 11. Melissa and Doug Butterfly Garden Jigsaw Puzzle, 12. Ravensburger Animal Kingdom, 13. Australian Animals Puzzle.

I have so many favourites!  I love that these puzzles cover so many different areas; maths, geography, culture, biology! When choosing puzzles for my children I consider each child's skill level and interests and I think about which puzzles we already have at home. Otis is currently using puzzles 2 and 7. I think that he will use 1 in the next couple of months. I'm thinking of getting 4 and 8 for his birthday. I have one more puzzle post to come featuring (and perhaps explaining) puzzles you might find in a Montessori school. 
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