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This is a topic close to my heart. A couple of years ago we searched for and bought Caspar a microscope. He loved it but more as a toy than a tool. It was flimsy and quickly broke, it was a big disappointment. Since then we have been again looking for an age appropriate quality microscope. Without seeing this one in person we took a risk and bought it. What a relief, it's is perfect and he can use it for real. The box says for ages nine and up. Caspar is five and can use it easily. Sometimes he... Read more →

For me this year will be about family. Family coming together and being together. I'm feeling inspired to be a better wife, mother, daughter and sister. There are many ways in which I can do this and I'm looking forward to it. How did you fare over the Christmas break? I travelled interstate with the boys. It was mighty hot. The boys tried out the slip n slide and went 'yabbie fishing' for the first time. My mother comes from a large family so we were surrounded by cousins and their children. How did your gift giving go? Otis isn't... Read more →