Montessori and Educational Gift Ideas for a Two-Year Old.
Rain and Flood

Zips and Buttons. A Coat Basket.

Practical Life Montessori - 22 months Using a zipper.

I put some old coats and jackets into a basket and presented it to Otis. There are zips and buttons to explore. It's our home version of the dressing frames - a fun practical life activity. 

Over the period of a day Otis made a lot of progress. He loves the zips and snap fasteners. As I walk through the house and put away laundry I'm looking for other types of fasteners, buckles and the like. 

Buttons on a coat - Montessori practical life

After school I found Caspar sitting at Otis's table working with some of the coats. It's really good for him too, especially lining up the two pieces of the jacket and threading the zipper.

Perhaps I should visit the thrift store, they might have some interesting and alternative fasteners?


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