Toilet trained by two?
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Five Minutes with Otis

Otis with Playmobil man and Bruder Crane
How about Five Minutes with Oits?

Playing with Bruder trucks. I've mentioned before that these are built to scale. These trucks get played with every single day. 

Snack with Otis (22 months)

Morning tea. He's decided to eat at this table (his placemat and napkin are on his snack table). I'm not sure what is going on with the tokens but he's carrying this bag around everywhere (it has his schleich dogs inside). He's eating left over Chicken Fingers (that I've cut up) from Wholefood for Children. An excellent tip here which I was also told by Caspar's dietitian is to marinate the chicken in yoghurt before cooking to soften it and make the protein easier to digest. Caspar when younger and Otis now tends to spit meat out so by softening it I'm also hoping it will be easier to chew and swallow.  

Getting a drink with Otis

I love that he can help himself to endless drinks. I've been asked a lot if he makes a mess. He does but not very often. Usually he uses the water dispenser with a purpose - to get a drink and that's all he's thinking about. 

Can opening activity

Learning to open a can with Otis

Learning to open a can. He can open it but it's a challenge. He went to this activity three or four times within one hour. 

I've also been asked about how we intend to approach night time toileting. Here is my plan which I have attempted for the first time tonight. Otis has a puddle pad on his bed but I'm seeing how it goes. We have a full mattress protector that we may need to use. 

  • Place a potty near the entryway to his bedroom. Not in the doorway but nearby. 
  • Have Otis use the potty or toilet before sleeping.
  • Have towels, a change of sheets and clothes near his bed.
  • Remind Otis that he needs to use the potty during the night.
  • Stay alert while I am awake and assist him if he needs. .

So far it's working well, he's still dry. Fingers crossed. 

Edited to add: He stayed dry all night! I was so super prepared to be changing sheets in the middle of the night. It's only one single night but this is the method that we'll continue with for now. 

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