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Oscar's Lunchbox (a great book about food allergies, intolerances and healthy eating for children)

Lunch at Deeks

I'm always on the look out for fun and interesting things to do and see with the kids. While eating at Deeks with my sister (yes that's Robert de Castella's) (good food by the way, especially if you have any allergies or intolerances) we picked up a copy of Oscar's Lunchbox

Oscar's lunchboxWith school starting next week it's the perfect time to start talking about lunchbox ideas. Caspar doesn't have any food allergies or intolerances but children at his school do. This book is a perfect conversation starter.

Oh this book is so sweet, little Oscar is sensitive about his food intolerances and I feel that if we all educated our children about this issue children with intolerances or allergies wouldn't feel so excluded. There is an important message here.  

Oscar's lunchbox was written by local author Pam Houssenloge. This is Pam's story taken from the site Well Connected Kids

Pam’s motivation to write this book came one night as she held her son, who was sobbing in her arms. The words “I wish I didn’t have food intolerances!” are his, and are directly quoted in the book.  Growing up with limited food choices can make meal times and social outings very difficult.  Oscar’s Lunchbox is intended to help provide the understanding and emotional support that children like Pam’s son need.

An important underlying message in the book is to learn to take notice of the signals our body sends us about the food we eat. This may be one of the most effective ways for us to find out the best combination of healthy foods for our bodies.

Oscar's Lunchbox
Oscar's lunchbox
Oscar's lunchbox
This is Caspar's favourite bedtime story book. I can't help but think it will make him a better person being more sensitive to the feelings of the children around him but will also help him make better food choices for himself. Even without a book I feel this is an important discussion to have.   


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