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Pouring a Drink and Snack Preparation - Toddler

how we montessoriOver the weekend I introduced Otis to the water dispenser. I think it's good for a child to get lots of practice pouring from a pitcher and really there is no better way than to pour their own drink several times a day. But now for the water dispenser, it's much easier for everyone. 
Montessori - drink station
We still have a pitcher which is a little larger than before. The boys will fill the pitcher for drinks at lunch or dinner. Cleaning cloths are a must. 
Montessori - toddler using drink dispenser
how we montessori
While we are in the kitchen I might show you around. It's not all that different to before. I think I've learnt the most about Montessori in the home by visiting and looking at photographs of other people's homes. 
Montessori - toddler snack preparation area
Montessori toddler snack preparation area
Aprons are kept on a low hook on the back of the door. 
how we montessori
Extra glasses, plates, bowls, place-mats, tablecloths and other kitchen items are kept in low drawers nearby.
Montessori plates and place-mats And here he is - helping himself to some snack. 
Montessori - toddler preparing a snack

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