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Toilet Learning - Our Journey in Summary

Rain and Flood

The wide brown land for me!

Today we needed fresh air and space to run around. Space where we could run and run and not bother anyone. Even if it meant getting wet.

Since moving to Canberra I have wanted a picture of the above sculpture and today I got it! The National Arboretum is a place you must visit (even if it's just a drive through) if you find yourself in Canberra. The views are amazing. 

The wide brown land for me! Caspar
Otis (22 months) National Arboretum
Boots in the rain - National Arboretum

Did we get wet? Yes, absolutely!

Later in the day I shared this story with Caspar.

Flood by Jackie French

Did I cry? Yes. It is a very strong and moving story about the 2011 Queensland floods. I found the illustrations haunting. I remember seeing the same images on television. Some of the images I saw live, families stranded on rooftops, waving to helicopters to come and save them. If you have a sensitive child or a child prone to worry (such as Caspar) I would recommend this book for ages five and up. However if your child has been through a natural disaster, especially floods, this book could very well help them make sense of the event and be suitable for a much younger age. As an Australian this book fills me with pride - it is uplifting and inspiring.  This is a very special book. If you have time - please read more about it at Jackie's site here (if you remember the floods you may need tissues!). 

My next post will be a round up/summary of Otis's toilet learning. He's been dry since we've started night toileting and is now completely toilet trained. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is something I have missed in my other posts and I will try to answer it/cover it tomorrow. 

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