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I've previously written about how I was considering using the Movable Alphabet with Caspar at home during the long summer break. Some of you thought it was a good idea and others suggested it wasn't such a good thing. 

First it is important to note that Caspar uses the Montessori cursive Movable Alphabet at school. I (as his parent not teacher) have only ever seen him write in print. All the books that he reads at home and his school readers are in print.

Before deciding on an alphabet I spoke to Caspar's teacher. She suggested to go with cursive but mentioned that Caspar is fine with print. She also suggested that I make an alphabet myself. While I considered it (Montessori Print Shop has a great guide How to make a Movable Alphabet) I just couldn't find the time or energy. I also couldn't justify buying an actual Montessori Movable Alphabet. I ended up going with the Print Movable Alphabet with Plastic Box from Michael Olaf. It was affordable and complete (I ordered it when ordering other items and shared postage with a friend). Also in line with suggestions I've received here and to stress the point - his teacher recommended to work on hand strengthening activities over the holiday break (lots of cutting with scissors, clay, colouring in). 

I'm happy with this Movable Alphabet and that it is different from his alphabet at school. The main way we use it is to spell and sound out words together. If Caspar asks me to spell a word for him rather than provide the answer we will work on it together.

Otis has his own alphabet too. He's not working on letters or sounds. He is simply working on the recognition of his name. I could have just printed his name but I think these magnets are all kinds of cute.

Do you use a Movable Alphabet at home? 

Otis with magnetic letters on refrigerator

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