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Montessori and Educational Gift Ideas - THREE!

Montessori and educational gifts for three year old
Happy birthday to anyone turning three!! Most of these gift ideas come from my own experience - you wouldn't expect anything less would you? However this means they are orientated towards my own children's likes and interests. Practical life and exploring nature are huge at this age. I hope you like some of these ideas. I've had fun compiling this list!

Child Sized Clothes Line. Do I need to explain how excellent this is? Washing and pegging are fun at three. 

Some tools for exploring nature; Wood Butterfly Net (this is the right link - it currently has an incorrect image), Bug Catcher and Worm Farm. I think an Ant Farm would be really interesting too. Have a weather watcher? Rain Gauge and Large Thermometer.

Walkie Talkies. We love these. 

Hand Crank Flashlight. We've tried a couple of hand crank flashlights (we have a fantastic hand crank radio too) and have found child sized ones break easily. The turning motion is difficult for a child but we've found standard hand crank flashlights (if they are designed well) are suitable for children and are much more durable.

Have a builder? Leather Tool Belt with Tools and Measuring Tape

All-round fun items; Kaleidoscope and Stop Watch.

At three Caspar wore his Binoculars everywhere. Garden Hand Tools are perfect for the dexterity of a three year old. Hammering Shapes or a Stethoscope might just capture their imagination. 

Montessori Letter Work and Number Work are great at home alternatives to sandpaper letters and numbers. 

Wooden Pattern Blocks which can be used alone or with Pattern Cards - this is the same set that we use. Melissa and Doug also make a similar Pattern Blocks and Board Set.

Colours Experimental Box and finally Bongo Drums.

Tickets or passes to the local zoo or aquarium are great gift ideas. Art supplies or an easel would be popular. If your child is interested in trucks (garbage or fire trucks perhaps?) or diggers you know I recommend Bruder. I think there are many three year old children who would love Matchbox cars, a train set or a marble run

If you've had a child turn three recently I'd love to hear what they like and what they are playing with.  

I've promised to compile a list for a first birthday and because I like newborns so much I might compile a Montessori inspired baby shower list too. Stay tuned. 


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