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All About The Birds

Photographing bird habitat

Today it was all about the birds. By observing birds you are by default also observing trees. 

We worked from one of our favourite locations. You can see Canberra city in the distance. I've shown photographs of this location before. It's inspiring. 

Nature journaling location

Nature journaling location

Bird journaling

Caspar is loving photo-journaling (he's also been doing a bit of video-journaling). I love it too, to be honest. I'm not so creative with pencil and paper (or paint...) but give me a camera and I'm happy. I'm loving the instantness of this camera.

Photojournaling - bird habitat

Nest Sculpture

I'm loving those clouds, it was a perfect Autumn day. My next post will be about creating a reference library for Kindergarten aged children - including our favourite field guides.  

P.S. If you have an infant you may be interested in my post on Hello Bee today: Ways to encourage tummy time, it includes some of my favourite pictures of Otis.

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