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I apologise. I was planning to write about our reference library but I have something more serious on my mind. I'll write about our reference library next. I've been thinking quite seriously about the affects of high drop-out rates. 

Does your school have high drop out rates? I feel that it's accepted that many families wish for their children to attend a Montessori pre-school but never intend to pursue Montessori primary. This makes it tough for a Cycle One (3-6 years) class. Children attend at three but leave once the child is five or compulsory school age. Do you think that it's true that Montessori schools, especially Cycle One classes have higher than average drop-out rates?

Of course there are many other reasons children (and their families) choose to leave a school. Small schools must face additional pressure to meet the needs of families. I also feel that Montessori schools face additional pressure to meet the expectations of parents. 

I am not going to consider the affects on the child that leaves mid-cycle. The affects must be significant. My personal concern is for the children left behind, for the children that see their friends leave. It's not fair to compare it to workplaces where 'people come and people go' for a child so young it is unsettling to see major changes to their class.

Do you think I am over-reacting? Is this an issue for schools? Are children, at five, old enough to adapt to change? Is there more schools can do to retain children? 

P.S. Happy Harmony Day!

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