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Montessori Baby Gift Ideas

Montessori Baby Gift Ideas


Expecting a baby? Having a baby shower? Attending a baby shower? Here are a few Montessori-ish baby gift ideas. This post contains some affiliate links. 



Baby Carrier. I love the Ergo. You may want to consider the infant insert also, essential for carrying a new born.  

Understanding the Human Being. A great Montessori book for pregnancy through to the first year. The best price I have found is via NAMTA.

Topponcino and cover. This is one item I wish I knew about before I had my children. If I had anther baby this would be one of the first items I would buy.

Baby Massage Oil

Montessori mobiles. This is a Bell on a Ribbon.  

Baby Hair Brush. This one has a waxed beech handle with soft goat hair bristles.

Bodysuits that open at the front. 

Baby Blankets, wraps and wipes. 

Nursing Necklace. A beautiful gift!

Books. Because newborns like a story too.



Wooden Beads.


Ball Cylinder.


Montessori Toys.  

Knit Balls

Montessori Puzzle Ball.


High Contrast

Black and White Books.

Swallow Mobile.  

Black and white images. From Etsy and Wee Gallery Art (I also like these)

Munari Mobile. Find one online or make your own. Image from Montessori in Motion.



Walker Wagon (not really furniture I know)

First Chair, we love the Me-Do-It Chair.

Learning Tower. If you have a small kitchen consider the Fun Pod.  

Toy Hanger.

High Chair


What a fun list to compile! I love shopping for babies!! I would love to hear your suggestions. What do you like to give at baby showers?

Edited to add that all links should be working now! 

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