Otis. Practical Life at (nearly) Two.
Montessori in the home - really!

Montessori teaches gentleness

Montessori teaches gentleness

I don't want to hear that toddlers cannot be trusted. That they might break something. Hell no, don't give them a glass! I agree that some homes aren't set up to provide children with a real glass, that some parents aren't ready (and that's completely ok), but please don't say that a two year old cannot be trusted. If you believe (in general) that two year olds cannot be trusted with real crockery please visit a Montessori community, please book in to visit your closest Montessori school and see it for yourself. They can be trusted, they can be gentle and careful if given the right opportunity. 

Otis is not unique in his ability. He will (and has) throw toys but never a glass. Why is that do you think? He will (and has) pulled leaves off a plant. But he can also do this... 

Montessori Leaf Dusting

Montessori provides children with the opportunity to be gentle. Allowing a child to demonstrate their ability can be such a rewarding experience.

Montessori egg peeling

With this Japanese bell the more gentle you ring it the nicer it sounds. Be rough and it sounds blunt. 

Japanese Bell - teaching gentleness

Oits hasn't got this completely but he's practising and in this case learning on his own.

Ringing Japanese Bell - teaching gentleness

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