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There are special toys of what might be thought of as sensorial puzzles in the Montessori school to isolate and teach specific concepts through repeated individual work of the child. A few examples you may have heard of include the pink tower, the color tablets, and the sound boxes... These sensorial materials have no place in the home. - Child of the World. Montessori, Global Education for Age 3-12+. Susan Mayclin Stephenson. Susan has a point. She continues to say that Montessori sensorial materials should only be used as intended, not as the child pleases and that parents can keep... Read more →

There is never a time in a Montessori child's life when they are told to stop, slow down, quit learning and wait for the rest of the class to catch up. There is always the next stage, the next materials, the follow up lesson. It's really irrelevant where the rest of the class is at. . I try to live this at home too. Always (trying!) being one step ahead of Otis. Thinking of extension activities, wondering where he will go next. . Today was his first time matching picture-to-picture! Oh you think six cards is easy Otis? Let's try... Read more →

Dear Readers, This is an entry from 2011 that I liked so much I wanted to share it again with you today. The photograph is recent, a collection of items from Otis's messenger bag. When we first started implementing Montessori principles in our home we really focused on the physical things, furniture, materials etc. It was only after time that I began to pick up on some of the other concepts of Montessori such as peace, respect and true love for the child. Here are my top five ways of introducing Montessori concepts into your home without spending a cent.... Read more →

I don't want to hear that toddlers cannot be trusted. That they might break something. Hell no, don't give them a glass! I agree that some homes aren't set up to provide children with a real glass, that some parents aren't ready (and that's completely ok), but please don't say that a two year old cannot be trusted. If you believe (in general) that two year olds cannot be trusted with real crockery please visit a Montessori community, please book in to visit your closest Montessori school and see it for yourself. They can be trusted, they can be gentle... Read more →