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His favourite puzzles (25 months)

Melissa and Doug transport puzzle

It's puzzle mania around here. Otis is definitely in a sensitive period for puzzles - if such a thing exists. These puzzles are a combination of support and challenge. The above vehicle puzzle is easy for him but it's fun, so he repeats it. He's also practising his language as he names each vehicle. 

Tuzzles puzzle

We have a couple of sequencing puzzles out. The one above has three shapes each in four different sizes. He doesn't always finish this - so it's challenging him. He is also using this one which is quite complex, you can see him using it here

Tuzzles apple puzzle

This apple sequencing puzzle is also challenging not because of the size graduations but because of the shape, the leaf and stem on the apple require more precision than shapes. For Small Hands currently has a small range of sequencing puzzles by Tuzzle on sale

Melissa and Doug Farm animals

Otis loves farm animals and therefore this farm animal puzzle. This is also challenging as two pieces, both the mother and the baby fit together into the space.  

Tuzzles Australian puzzle

I really like the images on this one and again this is also really good for language development. 

The two piece geometric shapes puzzles mentioned here are also favourites. In the last couple of days I've introduced Otis to his first layered puzzle. I wouldn't say this is a favourite yet but it is a really beautiful hand made puzzle. 

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