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. If you have been following you will know that I have been watching a few Montessori in the home DVDs. There is and has always been one stand out. Edison's Day. Edison is 20 months old and the DVD follows him for one day. It is perfect. It is as Montessori as possible. Both of Edison's parents are Montessori trained, keep this in mind for perspective. There are so many great ideas featured, mostly aimed at independence but also at nurturing the child's spirit. Being in a visual (and audio) format everything presented is so practical, you can see... Read more →

It took me a long time to grasp the concept of observation. Now it comes naturally. As you will read I've found observation key in providing for and meeting Otis's needs. For many parents this may be instinctual, but if like me you need some help or ideas please read along. . Observe not correct, then work on improvement . One of the main reasons I observe Otis completing a task is to see where he is going wrong or how his movement might be improved. This is often with practical life activities but can apply to almost every activity... Read more →

When I first starting reading Montessori Caspar was very little. What I read about observation didn't connect with me. When I tried to 'observe' him all I saw was a child playing. Actually I felt really silly, sitting there watching my son not knowing what I was supposed to be doing. It wasn't until I started observing Otis that I really understood how it can assist my parenting. Now when I observe Otis it's a really natural process and the benefits are instant. My hope is that this article below written by Gio Bellonci (Montessori Assistant to Infancy) will help... Read more →

Most children need to concentrate while eating or preparing food. Recently at our Montessori Parent-Toddler class I observed a child not much older than Otis slicing tiny slivers of pear. I wasn't timing her - she just went on for a very long time. Slicing the tiniest pieces with precision. Totally absorbed. Otis and I worked next to her but her concentration wasn't broken. There is no way you can expect or predict that was going to happen, we just need give them (the child) time, space and stay out of the way. . . Today Otis ate every single... Read more →