Little One Baby Magazine - Issue 10 2013
Photo/Activity of the Day - Parachute Play

Photo/Activity of the Day - Enhancing Block Play

Road signs and workers for block area

I've mentioned previously that I enjoyed Teaching Numeracy, Language, and Literacy with Blocks. I think the reason might be because I don't have a lot of experience with blocks. So slowly our block area is developing. We have a variety of blocks, architectural prints, hard hats, lots of matchbox cars, Siku and Bruder vehicles, and sometimes clipboards, paper, pens, tool box and tool belt. There are still a couple of things I wanted to introduce. For the longest time I wanted some of these. The children haven't had an opportunity to play with them yet but now our block area also includes traffic signs and professional play figures (these are a good size at 14cm). Do you have a dedicated block area at home? Materials to enhance block play are really endless but I know my two children love anything roadworks or construction. 

P.S. If you are in Australia Windmill currently has the professional figures on sale and also stock Australian traffic signs. 

Edited 10 May. I've included a couple of pics of the boys using these today. 

Block play 1

Block play 2

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