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The most recommended Montessori at home DVD - Edison's Day

Edison's Day
If you have been following you will know that I have been watching a few Montessori in the home DVDs. There is and has always been one stand out. Edison's Day. Edison is 20 months old and the DVD follows him for one day. It is perfect. It is as Montessori as possible. Both of Edison's parents are Montessori trained, keep this in mind for perspective. There are so many great ideas featured, mostly aimed at independence but also at nurturing the child's spirit. Being in a visual (and audio) format everything presented is so practical, you can see how Edison does it or how his parents present it. You can see his home and how he moves and how he plays. It really is a brilliant example that we can all aspire to.
If you are interested in viewing Edison's Day I suggest contacting your local Montessori school or community group (preschool, playgroup etc). I believe that many groups keep this in their parent's library. Edison's Day is not available to view online. 
Meg mentions Edison's Day here and Sara mentions it here
Because I have benefited so much from this DVD I want to offer it to others. I have for giveaway one copy of Edison's Day. To enter please leave a comment in the comment section of this post. There is one condition. To enter you must commit that if you are the recipient you will share the DVD with others, pass it on to another family when you are finished with it or keep it in a school/pre-school parent library. The give away is open internationally and will close Friday 10 May at 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. Please only one entry per person. 
P.S I have another great giveaway (At Home with Montessori DVD) on my Instagram page. I'm new to Instagram so I would love it if you came over and said hello.
Editied 10 May. Comments have now closed and I am counting entries right now. I really wish I could send a copy to everyone but the DVD is going to Akila. Akila I will be emailing you very soon.  
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