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A new reading list and things

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

Finally I have updated our what we are reading page. As usual I've only highlighted the best of what we are reading. 

I want to apologise to the many readers and even sponsors who have emailed me over the last few months. Personally and as a family we have been through a difficult time. My husband returned from a seven month deployment and we are adjusting to a different kind of normal. My screen time has been limited and I have been posting at a reduced rate (I'm sure you have noticed) in order to address the many requests and emails in my in-box. You, the readers of this blog are a priority and it saddens me that many of you have written to me and have not received a response. I'm getting there and will continue to post at a reduced frequency until all emails are responded to. 

I also wanted to share two posts by fellow Australians. You can read about Montessori in Anna's home here and Steph's home here. Both posts have beautiful photographs. Also a shout out to one of my favourite Aussie Montessori blogs Racheous. I hope you enjoy!


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