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I wanted to show you the latest book written by my dear friend Eve100 activitès d'éveil Montessori (100 Montessori Early Learning Activities) from 18 months. It is in French and in Eve's beautiful style. Each activity is very doable using basic homemade or easy to find materials. I'm also slightly biased because you may also find one or two pictures of Otis in. 

Not only is Eve a Montessori teacher, she is also a parent of two gorgeous girls, and this I think makes her most qualified to write this book. Some of the photographs were taken in her classroom but many are from her home which makes it so, so lovely and warm. I know you will like it (more so if you read French). I really hope that consideration is given to publishing this in English.

100 Activities contents

What I didn't know is that Eve has also produced a set of Montessori math materials Mes chiffres Montessori (My Numbers Montessori) from three years. These are a little too old for Otis so I used them myself. They are lovely. The numbers on the green card are lightly textured. The puzzle cards are perfect as is the control of error that a child cannot incorrectly match the numeral to the number of butterflies. This set also comes with a booklet describing other math related materials. They are really good quality and I will be using them with Otis once he is ready. 

Montessori numbers book

Montessori numbers

Montessori numbers

P.S. The only numeral that is very different in this set is the seven. I don't know how or why it started but I have always written seven this way! Perhaps Otis will follow. 

Congratulations Eve!!

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