Transferring water with a dropper (using concentration and care)

Appreciative of the everyday

Flowers 21 June 2013

Before I had children I dreamt of days like this. I longed for the everyday moments. Sure I don't care much for the washing and cleaning but it's made so much easier with a little one happily playing nearby. I am blessed for the normalcy that is now back in our lives. I am grateful for uneventfulness, appreciative of the everyday. It's Friday night here, I hope you have a lovely weekend. 

Otis with pinecone 21 June 2013

Otis giving pinecone 21 June 2013

Otis fire truck 21 June 2013

Otis hanging up the washing 21 JUne 2013

Otis in sandpit 21 June 2013

Otis with sandy hands 21 June 2013


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