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Is Parenting More Important Than School?


There are definitely days that I feel overwhelmed by blogging (yesterday!) but mostly I'm in love with the process. I'm in love, excited and inspired by what I find in my in-box. Amazed by the enthusiasm for parenting and teaching that surrounds me.

A big thank you to Open Colleges for sharing Parenting More Important Than School: The Effect of Parental Involvement In Academic Achievement. You can see an enlarged version of the graphic here. While I'm convinced that it doesn't tell you any thing new, I found it interesting. 

The influence of parental involvement on a student’s academic success should not be underestimated. While brain power, work ethic, and even genetics all play important roles in student achievement, the determining factor comes down to what kind of support system she has at home.

The take home message for me isn't about a parent's income or education levels, the message for me is to stay involved. And for schools and teachers the message must be to engage parents. Perhaps the greater message is that we, as parents, are more important than we think. 

I'd love to know your thoughts.  

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