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Transferring water with a dropper (using concentration and care)

Otis 26 months transferring water with dropper

I thought I would show you this transferring water activity Otis used today. I've written before how Montessori teaches gentleness, this is another activity which brings out the best in Otis. He needs concentration, care and patience to transfer the (coloured) water. 

Otis transferring water with dropper 26 months #2

This is an easy activity to put together and when the child is older the dropper has so many more uses. 

Otis transferring water with dropper 26 months #3

When we have an activity like this on our shelves we don't keep the water in it. Just the bowls and dropper are kept on the tray. If Otis wants to do the activity he will come to me and ask for the water. 

This activity reminds me a lot of transferring water with a baster.


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