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Long Division

If I were to choose another school for my children top on my list of questions would be 'how are my children going to be educated'. It's important don't you think? I'm surprised by the amount of people that don't know how their children are being taught. 

I spent the evening at our school speaking to Cycle Two teachers and having a look through a Cycle Two classroom. To say I understand Montessori isn't enough. To say I understand the next plane of development isn't enough. There is a big difference between each cycle and to be honest I'm still getting my head around Cycle Two (6-9yrs). So to sit down and see and hear how my children will be taught long division is important to me. Also I find Montessori math materials intimidating so a tour of the maths section was always going to be helpful.

I know we don't all have a choice as to which school our children attend. However we all have choice about how much we as parents as guardians of our children know about how they are taught. Another thing that struck me tonight was how integral community is to a child's learning. We've heard the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' well it also takes a village to educate a child. 

Certainly when Caspar started school I didn't know my 'village', although I felt I was looking I couldn't find that community that would help me educate my child. I think it just takes time. I'm starting to get to know that village and I'm feeling more comfortable here. For no teacher works alone. No parent should work in isolation either. 


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