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Fabric Fruit Prints

Otis with fruit prints

To brighten things up a little we decided to print on some of our plain napkins. A bit like our Inside Outside Fruit prints!

Fruit printing
We've had these fabric paints for years and they are worth the initial investment. It's not that they are terribly expensive but if you want them in lots of colours it adds up. With our Inside Outside Fruit we used paint stamps because it's important to get an even(ish) thin layer of paint on the fruit. This time Otis did lots of simple sploshing but Caspar used the roller to get even coverage. 
Caspar rolling paint onto zucchini
When the prints were dry I set them with heat on the reverse side. The colours changed slighly, they are not so bright anymore but still very pretty. 

Fruit Print Napkins
Best of all they are uniquely ours.

Otis snack time with print napkin

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