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Montessori in the home. The only two books you'll ever need.

The Joyful Child and Child of the World by Susan Stephenson

I have made a lot of book recommendations over the years but these two books (both released this year) have changed everything. You can see my favourite Montessori books listed on the bottom of this page

We don't home-school, I believe we live Montessori rather than it being something we teach. These two books are similar in that they are not homeschooling books, or teaching albums. They are about living, having children in the home the Montessori way. Creating environments that support children to reach their full potential. Meeting the developmental needs of the child. However if you home-school or even are trained in Montessori these books will still please you!

I have already written in some detail about Child of the World (for the 3-12+ age group). The most recent book The Joyful Child is for the birth to three age group and is as equally delightful. It's the book that has been missing. It's the book that I have been waiting for. It is the book that I will recommend every time someone asks "I have a infant/baby/toddler and want to know more about Montessori, where do I start?". You start with this book!

Want to know how to prepare your home in a Montessori way before the birth of your child, need ideas for activities about art, people, language? Want lots of tips and ideas for materials and toys for each stage in development. Want detailed information on how to wean the Montessori way? In The Joyful Child Susan addresses all of this and more. It's a really lovely, reassuring and inspiring book.  

The Joyful Child contains lots of little (black and white) photographs that are not only very cute but also provide ideas. Susan who is a very well travelled and well respected Montessorian also writes about her wonderful experiences in Bhutan. Does a more glorious book exist?

If you have a child under three, or planning to have a child under three I suggest you obtain a copy of The Joyful Child. It's really the only book you'll need.  

Available from Michael Olaf, Amazon and the Book Depository.   

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