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Gift Ideas for a One Year Old

Gift ideas for one
A child turning one, very much in the first plane of development is looking for hands on, real life experiences. Toys that make sense. Toys that are natural and provide a sensory experience. Toys that capture their imagination and help strengthen their concentration. 

The items that I have included in this collection are age appropriate toys and materials, however we know a child of this age will as equally if not more enjoy time spent with their friends and family, digging in the sand or dirt or enjoying the rich sensory experience of the garden. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. 

A child of this age may or may not be walking. While Otis at this age was happy to sit and use stacking or tracking toys many children just want to move around. Wheely Bugs and Trikes will help to satisfy this need to move especially in a prewalker. If the child is walking they may enjoy a pull along toy. If the child doesn't have a size appropriate table and chair this may be a good time to provide one. 

Brio Shape Sorter (in Australia)

Melissa and Doug Pound and Play (in Australia)

Rainbow Stacker (large version in Australia). My previous post on Ring and Cube Stackers for 12 months is here

Ball Tracker Toy. My prevoous post on tracking toys is here.

Coloured Blocks (in Australia)

Play Silks (in Australia)

Coin Box (in Australia)

Beeswax Block Crayons (in Australia)

Pull Along Duck (in Australia)

Pop Up Toy (in Australia)

Simple Shape Puzzle (similar in Australia)

Wheely Bug (in Australia)

Trike (this is our favourite trike however I cannot find an online supplier. Similar here

First Table and Chair. There are lots of good versions of the first table and chair. Michael Olaf has an excellent option. If you are in Australia have a look at the option by Little Sparrow Infant Furniture.  

Books and small instruments such as a drum or rainmaker make good gifts for a child of this age too. Please feel free to add to my list. While I don't have a one year old to buy for right now I know this list will be a nice reminder in the future.  

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