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Love Geometric Puzzles

Geometric Puzzles

Please note this post contains a product that I was given for the purpose of review. There is something really appealing about Geometric Puzzles. They are pleasing to the eye and look lovely sitting on the shelves. Often they are made of timber which is nice to touch. They are also really wholesome, a child as young as one can stack blocks while a child of five or more can create complex patterns. The child is learning through play without knowing it. As well as mathematics there are also the elements of imagination and creativity at work. 

Caspar hasn't used many Geometric Puzzles but has used a range of similar items such as blocks and Montessori materials like the Constructive Triangles. The Triangle Show puzzle (pictured below) comes with an information booklet and lots of diagrams of possible designs. He found many of the designs hard to follow until it came to the less abstract images of the letters and animals. The letters and animals were fun to build as piece by piece you could see the image emerge. 

The Triangle Show

I also took some shots of Caspar working without the guidance of the booklet. This was most interesting. Lots of fun shapes and patterns but also some discoveries (see below image - top right), I could really see his mind at work. 

The Triangle Show - Geometric Puzzles

This puzzle is suggested for children 6-12 so I know he has got a lot of thinking ahead of him, he has just touched the surface of what is possible!

Thank you to Katrina from Dominna for the lovely puzzle. More information on the Triangle Show can be found here