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Amelie's Montessori inspired bedroom

Relections Corner

Would you like another room tour? This is Amelie's room and it's beautiful! The photographs really say it all but here is a short description by Amelie's Mum. 

Welcome to Amelie’s first bedroom. We were greatly inspired by Sew Liberated, One Claire Day and of course How we Montessori. There is a lot of handmade love in this room, I made her curtains and quilt and her Dad made her window seat and bed surround. Not to mention it was a family effort involving the Granddads to paint the room and install the mirror and shelves.  I am amazed given this space was created for a little personality we couldn’t even imagine that we are now observing so many of the corners of the room suit her purpose perfectly.

Sleepy Corner child height art

Because we all want to know, I asked Amelie's Mum where she sourced some of the items including the gorgeous prints. And the low shelves, well they are just perfect!

The low shelves with the seat is the window seat that Amelie's dad made, he did the wooden bit and I made the cushion. I really hope it grows with her. Our plan is to adjust it to a dressing space for her when she gets bigger it should be just the right height for sitting on and putting on pants and shoes. Oh and he also made the wooden bed surround super simple but it works. 

The framed picture on the end of the seat is a rotating waldorf picture, I have a few of the other designs to put into the frame. 
Sleepy CornerStory CornerThe framed print above the mirror is a limited edition print from one of my favourite Eric Carle books Draw Me a Star. Often when Amelie is unhappy I will rock her holding her so she look at this print over my shoulder and she appears to calm down as she examines it.

The photos in the white frames are Amelie's Great Nan, Nanna Robyn and me when we are little. I wanted her to see that all these grown up women in her lives were once little girls just like her. A sort of mini family tree connecting her to her past.  

Window Seat

Thank you so much to Amelie's family for sharing this space with us. This environment is classic Montessori when it comes to beauty and simplicity. I love the handmade touches and it's so special to know the handwork that when into creating this space.

The floor bed and movement area are well placed with the low shelves separating the two. This is an environment that promotes movement. It's easy to visualise a child waking, crawling (or slithering!) to the low shelves to play and moving onto movement area after catching their reflection in the wall mirror. A child can use the low shelves to pull themselves up (the shelves/seat look nice and steady) and the low window provides a great incentive for the child to do so. Beautiful!

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