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Art Activities to Rotate (at Two Years)

Washi tape

Sometime I lack ideas of what to rotate on Otis's art shelves - so I decided to make a list. I find there are lots of advantages of rotating art activities like this. We  usually only have three trays out at a time. Although there are often pencils or crayons available in the study. 

Having all the items that Otis needs within the tray makes it easier for him to use and pack up. With the exception of water for washing his paint brush (which he needs to ask me for) and his smock and place-mat which he can access himself. It's a real self contained way of presenting the materials. 

Montessori Art Activities for 2 Years
1. Pencils and paper, 2. Collage, 3. Chalk and chalkboard, 4. Crayon rubbings, 5. Water colour paint and water colour paper, 6. Natural Clay and tools, 7. Soft pastels with pastel paper, 8. White poster marker and black card, 9. Water colours with pipette and water colour paper, 10. Natural charcoal and card, 11. Pasting on card, 12. Markers and card, 13. Animal stamps, 14. Cut and paste, 15. Dot stickers, 16. Other stickers, 17. Hole punching, 18. Black marker on coloured card.
Some other activities that we rotate include those in which acrylic paint is added when Otis asks for it, painting with a brush, sponge painting, painting with found things and string painting. The top photograph is of Washi Tape, Otis will cut it and stick it onto the card. Otis has an art journal that he will occasionally use. It's also nice to have lots of art on paper and card to give as gifts or to display. 
These are art activities that Otis will do alone. When Caspar is home their art is usually bigger and a lot less contained!
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