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Choose Your Own Ingredients!

Otis mashing bananas

We love cooking. It's absolutely one thing you can say about our family. Caspar and Otis are always asking to bake and they always want to bake a cake.

Caspar and Otis cooking with their own ingredients

Today they both wanted to make chocolate cake but Otis also wanted to make a banana cake. To make sure everyone got the cake they wanted I decided it was Choose Your Own Ingredients day! 

Otis started with bananas and ended up with banana, chocolate (raw cacao) and oat muffins.

Caspar with his own ingredients

Caspar went a little crazy with his ingredients and made a chocolate (raw cacao), coconut and orange cake with ground pepitas, ground chia seeds and maple syrup . Both children also used a 50/50 mix of white and wholemeal spelt four, rapadura sugar, egg and baking powder. 

Otis's banana, chocolate and oat muffins

Both tasted amazingly good. I helped both children (when possible) with quantities but it was a really good lesson especially for Caspar on creating a nice texture and the ingredients that go into a cake. In some ways it was even a science lesson when we needed to work out (guesstimate) the amount of baking powder needed to make the cakes rise. A fun, practical life lesson. 

Caspar's chocolate, coconut and orange cake

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