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Some links and my big news!

Otis with ring return

I recently shared a link on Facebook to the new blog Montessori Moms. If you haven't read it yet it contains lots of information about infant Montessori. It's written by a group of new mothers who are also Assistant to Infancy trained, led by Carrie from Beginning Montessori.   

Another Carrie has recently written about the her experiences Baby at Home: The first six months at Zest & Zeal. This post contains lots of good ideas for the home environment and materials for this age.

While it's been over a month (eek two months!) I must offer a public congratulations to Sara on the birth of Tate! Sara has recently written a couple of posts about having a newborn and parenting for the second time.

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive on the blog is where did I find Otis' low shelves. While the shelves haven't been available for many years I recently found some shelves that look very similar. Made in Canada, the Natural Solid Wood Montessori style shelf unit by Highland Wood look beautiful and are very much like our shelves - which have now been gifted to a very sweet baby girl to use in her own Montessori environment.   

I have  signed up to an upcoming Silent Journey event at our school. Until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of it and now I feel a little in the dark. Any advice going in? Should I read up on it or go in with an open mind? share a photo essay of The Silent Journey and Discovery event led by Barbara Gordon.  

On a personal note you know that I have been working very hard at another Montessori project. It has been many, many months in the making and oh so many collaborations! I am very excited to announce that next month I will be launching my very own online store!! The store will feature many of the hard to find materials we have used in our home and a lot of our favourites. I can't wait to share all the details with you!

Otis with ring return #3
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