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Otis matching model birds to birds in the natural environment

There are so many words to describe the last two weeks. It has been crazy fun and crazy busy! 

What can I say other than you are an amazing group of parents, teachers and care givers. I've learnt there is a strong demand for Montessori materials for the home and that Montessori in Australia is alive and well!

I am now concentrating of getting my stock levels back up and introducing new products. The intial range was based on the essentials while now I am purchasing lots of the fun items and broadening the base range. I have recently listed three new sets of blocks, of which Caspar and Otis are enjoying. Puzzles and new kitchen items will follow soon. I've also updated the photographs of our aprons which look fantastic.  

Otis is also thrilled at having new matching cards to work with and today worked with all these pictured. These cards are also great for building vocabulary.  

This week I hope to get back to posting here with some regularity and also have lots of books to share in our what we are reading page. Thank you for your patience while I've taken some time out from this space to attend to the shop. 

For overseas readers I'm compiling a list of where you can get some of our products (or very similar) closer to home. International shipping isn't always an option and when you can it's best to get items locally. Tomorrow I will post my Favourite Montessori Items on Amazon list! However I'd love to share with you other sources of Montessori in the home products across the US, UK, Europe and Asia. If you know of a store that stocks Montessori materials that you can recommend or would like to share, please leave a link. I know lots of readers would appreciate it. Let's compile a list of Montessori (in the home) resources across the world. I know with your help we can do it.   

Otis matching marsupials

Otis matching sea life exact

Otis matching instruments to silhouette

Otis matching instruments

Some days Otis could work all day. He did all of these repeatedly after spending the morning at our Montessori Parent-Toddler Class. If you have taken a photograph of your children using some of our materials and you would like to see them published, please email them to

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