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Can you pick and choose parts of Montessori? Can you use what you like and not the rest? . My answer is yes! . I write about Montessori in the home, not Montessori schooling. While there is a complete system (and yes manuals and training courses) for Montessori schooling (the Montessori Method) there is no book or guide for Montessori in the home. There are lots of useful resources but no complete, thorough guide. No step by step. It's for this reason alone that I find it difficult for anyone to say that they have a complete system for Montessori... Read more →

Love. Companionship. A best friend. My husband just came out with it 'Caspar needs a dog'. My husband always had a dog as a child. He has fantastic, fond memories. We want the same for our children. Many readers will remember the passing of our last dog. It's too painful for me to even re-read the post. While it was well over a year ago I didn't feel ready for a new dog. But this isn't about me. This isn't my dog. It's for him. Tomorrow he turns six. Happy birthday sweet Caspar. Read more →

There are days when I just know that Otis needs something new and engaging on his shelves. He has his favorites but often he's restless, needing something new for stimulation. Sometimes it's just the newness of an activity that gets his interest. I open our cupboards, often our kitchen cupboards, art cupboards. I walk through our garage. Thinking, thinking. Hoping that something will come to mind. And it usually does. I've never set up an activity like transferring pom poms before, but remember I'm getting desperate and he loved it. Sink and float? Open and close? Locks? How about magnets?... Read more →

This month I wanted to share three authors that we have been enjoying. Three fantastic authors and great illustrators too. Amazingly my book wishlist is getting low but I guess it's time to start thinking about Christmas titles too. This post contains affiliate links. I've mentioned previously that Otis loves Lois Ehlert's Eating the Alphabet which we have as a board book. Straight away her other titles were recommended and I wasn't disappointed. If you love bright and bold colours you will love these. Planting a Rainbow and Lots of Spots are stunning. Perfect for children like Otis who won't... Read more →

Caspar started Little Athletics. It's the most organised, most inclusive and least competitive sport he has tried so far. And he gets to wear special athletics shoes! . . It's hard to pick Otis' interests. He's really interested in everything! I knew these large insect magnets would be a hit. . . We have one particular spot on our walk where Caspar likes to pick up rocks. He needs a bigger jar. . . On our nature table. Pinecones, rocks and feathers. . . Gardening teaches patience. Otis has grown these from seed. . . Children of the World. . Read more →

When I mention Montessori items, I'm thinking Montessori in the home, not for homeschooling but for living. Not necessarily Montessori designed materials but materials and toys a Montessori family might find useful and enjoy! If you are in the U.S, this post is for you! These are all Amazon affiliate links. Items the same as stocked in How we Montessori Shop. Children of the World 48 Piece Floor Puzzle by Melissa and Doug (pictured above) Pound and Roll Tower by Melissa and Doug Pop-Up Toy by Galt Cherry Chomper Strawberry Slicer Basic Crinkle Cutter Crinkle Cutter with Black Handle Mini... Read more →

There are so many words to describe the last two weeks. It has been crazy fun and crazy busy! What can I say other than you are an amazing group of parents, teachers and care givers. I've learnt there is a strong demand for Montessori materials for the home and that Montessori in Australia is alive and well! I am now concentrating of getting my stock levels back up and introducing new products. The intial range was based on the essentials while now I am purchasing lots of the fun items and broadening the base range. I have recently listed... Read more →

A few weeks ago Irene sent me a picture or two of her son Joshua working. In the background I could see his work shelves and of course I asked to see more. I was delighted by this clean, simple but inviting Montessori environment. I hope you enjoy the tour! Words by Irene. My son Joshua is 20 months old at the moment and we live in Melbourne. We have been following Montessori since he was around 6 months old. I became interested in Montessori as my husband is a Montessori child himself and he attended a small local Montessori... Read more →

1. Absorbent Minds (UK), 2. Michael Olaf (US), 3. Michael Olaf (US), 4. For Small Hands (US), 5. How we Montessori Shop (Aus), 6. How we Montessori Shop (Aus), 7. Montessori Shop (NZ), 8. Montessori Paratodos (Spain). One of the things I love about Montessori is the approach to aprons. Aprons are more than something to protect the child's clothing. Aprons are a part of the environment, they are a material, a learning tool. By putting the apron on at the start of the activity and taking it off (and putting it away) at the end, the apron helps to... Read more →