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Otis with Chopsticks

There are days when I just know that Otis needs something new and engaging on his shelves. He has his favorites but often he's restless, needing something new for stimulation. Sometimes it's just the newness of an activity that gets his interest. 

I open our cupboards, often our kitchen cupboards, art cupboards. I walk through our garage. Thinking, thinking. Hoping that something will come to mind. And it usually does. I've never set up an activity like transferring pom poms before, but remember I'm getting desperate and he loved it. 

Sink and float? Open and close? Locks? How about magnets? There are endless opportunities to use everyday household items for activities. It takes me approximately two minutes to prepare. It's always good to have a couple of spare trays. It's also good to always have a few ideas in the back of your mind (this is when Pinterest is useful). But when all else fails I just look to what we have and hope that inspiration strikes. 

Otis often surprises me in what he is interested in. Don't think that something is too 'young' or too 'old' for the child. If you are not sure give it a go. Transferring pom poms was easy but engaging, he's practising to master. Magnets were easy too however it was a new concept, something new to think about. Most of all I love it when he rushes to his shelves when he's noticed something new. And I know that I've prepared the tray working with what we've got. 

Otis with magnetic tray

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