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Book Review - Jack Goes to Montessori School

Jack goes to Montessori School - Allyson Collins

Any book with Montessori in the title is going to catch my attention. More so if it's a children's book. More so if it's a new release. Of course I had to read this one and I'm so glad I did!

Jack Goes to Montessori School was written by a Montessori Mom (Allyson Collins) and illustrated by a Montessori teacher (Lindsey R. Smith) - both in Texas, to help other parents and students learn what makes the Montessori experience special. 

As someone who already understands Montessori and with children at Montessori, this book conjures up feelings of being part of a special community. No matter where we live if our children attend Montessori they learn the same way. In Austin or Canberra it's Movable Alphabets, Puzzle Maps, Pink Towers and  Number Rods all the way.

The book is written through the eyes of a young boy, "Hi! I'm Jack. I am four years old and I go to Montessori school." And Jack walks us through his day at school. 

Children who go to Montessori will love recognising the familiar classroom environment. Children who are preparing to go to Montessori will love the bright and upbeat nature of the book as Jack and his friends have a fun filled day. 

The secret of this book? It explains Montessori in a classroom context better than any other resource I've found. Yes, this is a book for parents who might wonder what happens in Montessori. In a really subtle way it also helps us to understand why Montessori is so fulfilling for a child. Jack finishes his school day happy and content after much learning but also after circle time, choosing his own work, receiving a lesson from his teacher, working with a friend, group activities, preparing his own snack, cleaning and caring for his environment and working on problem solving and conflict resolution.

This is an excellent book for parents wanting to know more about Montessori, children who are about to attend Montessori and so perfect for the school office/waiting room/education evening. 

This is also a great book for children who want to explain Montessori to others. For example a child could read it (or show it) to a friend, Grandparents or cousins if they wanted to show them how their school is different - especially if those Grandparents or cousins have never been to a Montessori school or haven't seen inside a Montessori classroom. 

A charming, well written and well illustrated book that fills the gap in the market for children's books about a day at (Montessori) school. 

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