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Following the Child. Maps.

Maps #3

Sometimes the smallest thing will strike an interest within a child. What can we do as parents? Always be prepared. Keep an open mind. Have lots (and I mean lots) of ideas and extension ideas in the back of our mind. Know our city and the resources within our community.

We usually have a map or two around the house, sometimes a cultural basket and always lots of interesting books. Geography gets mentioned in all sorts of contexts. However recently we found out how valuable (and honestly quite amazing) maps can be at teaching history. History hasn't been a large area of interest so far however in the new year Caspar will learn about the Time Line of Life. Wow, I know he is going to love it.  

Maps #2

Captain Cook, Mathew Flinders, New Holland, Terra Australis. How interesting to see how Australia has been depicted over time. And construct it through the eyes of a six year old. Another thing I've noticed is how much (thanks to Montessori) this six year old knows about land forms. 

We recently explored the National Library of Australia and visited the Mapping Our World Exhibition. Although it's a very adult orientated attraction the scale and beauty of the maps were appreciated by Caspar. He noticed some of the finest details within these large and ancient maps and left with lots of questions to answer. Exploring history through maps. And so it continues. 

Maps #1

Do you take young children to adult orientated exhibitions? This one in particular was booked out, very quiet with low light. I think it's important. They learn (by doing) how to behave and are exposed not only to the exhibition but also to the reactions, the conversations and the delight of the other visitors. Mapping Our World has a Family Day and Children's Activities during the Summer School Holidays. 

If you are looking for resources the NLA has a digital catalogue, here are some maps Caspar is using and here is the New Holland to Australia interactive display.  

Above, today we installed our wall map, it's this one here

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