Gift ideas for Bed Time
Talking to Family about Montessori

Preparing and being together.

Christmas decorations 2013

Preparing for Christmas. Last year my husband spent Christmas working overseas. We missed him terribly and our Christmases will never be the same. We were changed by the experience and our priorities have changed forevermore. What is important to us? That we are healthy, safe and together.

Otis stiring gingerbread mixture

We've been spending as much time together at home as possible. Making. Hand made, child made - decorations, treats and gifts. I don't even have to think about it, I know this is the right message to send to our children.

Otis has been so excited he has given presents already. Rather than each person receiving two soaps they have received eight or nine.  

Otis rolling out gingerbread

We still have heaps of baking to go. Gingerbread seemed like a good place to start.  

Caspar with gingerbread cutter

Otis with gingerbread cutter

Otis with gingerbread #2

Otis cutting up soap

 Christmas soaps. Melt and pour is too easy.  

Soap Christmas 2013

Caspar and Otis rolling beeswax candles Christmas 2013

Beeswax candles are a cinch even for a toddler. 

Finished beeswax candles 2013

Pasting jars

Putting kite paper onto the jar

Decorated jars as candle holders or lanterns.

Candles in jars

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