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Apples, Work and Challenge.

Otis with Apple Slinky Maker Dec 2013

These summer days bring so much light into our kitchen. The weather is nice and fruit abounds.  

The two year old is so capable. With each passing month his strength and coordination increases. We must give him things to do that satisfy him. Productive work is an important part of his day. Work that allows him to exercise his skills to increase his abilities. 

Otis making apple slinkys Dec 2013

I see relation between building physical strength and strength of character, the child is continuously doing both but needs activity and exercise to challenge. They also need reward (intrinsic, satisfaction) and joy. They need to start and complete. To work through the challenge, to problem solve. This cannot come about by passiveness. 

Otis with apples Dec 2103

A couple of months ago Otis would have needed help with his apple. Besides getting the apple on the Slinky Maker he can now do this all by himself. Sometimes just a couple of weeks or a month makes all the difference. Never assume a child can or cannot complete the task, allow them to give it a go, observe and help only as little as needed. 

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