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Nature Study Table - Feathers

Otis at Nature Table Jan 2014

How are you going? I feel like I'm being pulled in a million different directions. Running but not actually get anywhere? Know the feeling? My house may be a mess (and the rest of my life too to be honest) but I'm getting a few things right. We are preparing and eating solid fantastic meals and my kids are getting lots of fresh air, space and rest. We have two weeks until school is back - I need to take a few deep breaths make the most of it. 

It must have been the recent hot weather as we are finding lots of feathers on our nature walks. We've moved our nature study materials onto the Hermit Crab table (the Hermit Crabs are in the aquarium at the top left). The kids have a large supply of paper and a journal each stored on the shelves behind and an art cupboard full of additional supplies.

Most of all Otis likes to feel the shells, seed pods and feathers. He also likes to crush and break them into little pieces, even the feathers he likes to pull part. At first I was worried but now I've learnt to let him go. Perhaps he is not being destructive but inquisitive, perhaps he's exploring. Testing his strength to break the shells, to feel the sensation of them breaking in his hands or to hear the sound of the seed pods crushing. I'm not really sure but I know it's a learning experience for him. 

Nature study table - feathers

Nature study table - feeling feathers

New in the shop we have these beautiful Butterfly Mobiles. While my intention was to stock them as mobiles for infants, Montessori nurseries etc, they work just perfectly above our nature study area, it's lovely to walk past and see them fluttering. Otis didn't have one as an infant so it's new for him too. 

Butterfly mobile #1

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