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Nature Study Table - Feathers

Our Nature Table

Otis at the nature table with a shell

We don't always have a designated Nature Table. Often we have a basket, jar or tray full of items we have collected from nature. 

I thought I'd like to make Our Nature Table a regular feature. A few snippets of what we are exploring. Perhaps weekly, although there are some weeks when our items and displays don't change. 

We currently have a lot of items out on the table. We've recently changed our shelves around and the boys wanted to group these together. Recently Otis has been interested in the bowl of shells (these are farmed), he started to match and group them, 'best friends' he says when he finds two that match. He listens, feels and looks with the magnifying glass. I'd love to find or make some cards and start with naming the different  shells. 

Otis examining a shell

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