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I don't often get my camera out on a Sunday. Sundays are usually a day of recharge. Rest combined with a little cleaning and baking. The most important aspect of Sundays is that we have no planned activities, we operate totally at our children's pace. Today we introduced mosaic tiles to our clay. All of our pots have holes as we plan to use them for plants. The boys loved adding the tiles and it's so sparkly and pretty. Caspar rolled some paper seedling pots. Using newspaper these are a fantastic idea. We have this paper pot maker from Biome.... Read more →

Caspar at six-years records the temperature. He could go ahead and graph it - maybe one day! He can read the thermometer though and that takes practice. We have a rain gauge outside and there is the potential for him to record that also. Otis at two-years is happy noting what kind of day it is (the weather wheel he is using is pictured below). How you do you record the weather? This is a wooden token set that we have and love, made years ago by Mama Roots. Felt weather tote by Sweet Gabbie. Felt weather chart by Blue... Read more →

We have a wonderful (?!) collection of dead/found insects in the boys' bug catchers. By highlighting one at a time it helps them to explore it just a little bit further. A little deeper for both of them. Caspar received Australian Backyard Naturalist for Christmas and it's been perfect, although perhaps in parts a bit advanced. It covers topics like building your own fly catchers, identifying birds to handling reptiles. Lots and lots of inspiration for your everyday Australian backyard. Perfect for our nature table! Read more →

I need to find some more locks to make this more challenging for Otis. He loves it and it can take him a while to get the key in and turn it. A simple lock and key activity. Less than five minutes to prepare if you have some spare locks in your home. Otis thrives on activities like this, an activity which will capture his attention and requires concentration. Concentration is calming and satisfying. In his busy world concentration requires him to slow down, be still. He needs concentration, coordination and strength. He uses size discrimination and memory/recall. He practises... Read more →