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Five Minute Montessori - Lock and Key

Lock and key Otis Jan 2014

I need to find some more locks to make this more challenging for Otis. He loves it and it can take him a while to get the key in and turn it. A simple lock and key activity. Less than five minutes to prepare if you have some spare locks in your home. 

Otis thrives on activities like this, an activity which will capture his attention and requires concentration. Concentration is calming and satisfying. In his busy world concentration requires him to slow down, be still. 

Otis lock and key 2 years.

He needs concentration, coordination and strength. He uses size discrimination and memory/recall. He practises grace and courtesy as he brings his tray to his mat and puts it back on the shelf when finished.  

Lock and Key Otis 2 yrs #3

Perhaps it started with this which is still a daily occurrence. 

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