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Clay, paper pots and seed pods.

How do you record the weather?

Caspar recording the temperature

Caspar at six-years records the temperature. He could go ahead and graph it - maybe one day! He can read the thermometer though and that takes practice. We have a rain gauge outside and there is the potential for him to record that also. 

Otis with Weather Wheel

Otis at two-years is happy noting what kind of day it is (the weather wheel he is using is pictured below). 

How you do you record the weather?  

Recording the weather for toddlers

This is a wooden token set that we have and love, made years ago by Mama Roots

Felt weather tote by Sweet Gabbie.

Felt weather chart by Blue Umbrella Designs.

Fun Weather Wheel from Harvesting Kale.  

Weather Stamps from Alison's Montessori (I love these and I think kids would too!)

Weather wheel (as pictured above with Otis) by Pininkie.  

For older children wanting to read temperatures Montessori Print Shop have these free Weather Tracking Cards. I love the simplicty of this Weekly Weather Chart.  

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