How do you record the weather?
This and that.

Clay, paper pots and seed pods.

Clay and mosaic tiles

I don't often get my camera out on a Sunday. Sundays are usually a day of recharge. Rest combined with a little cleaning and baking. The most important aspect of Sundays is that we have no planned activities, we operate totally at our children's pace. 

Today we introduced mosaic tiles to our clay. All of our pots have holes as we plan to use them for plants. The boys loved adding the tiles and it's so sparkly and pretty. 

Caspar rolling pots

Caspar rolled some paper seedling pots. Using newspaper these are a fantastic idea. We have this paper pot maker from Biome. 

Caspar and Otis filling newspaper pots

Then the planting happened. 

Otis planting seeds

 Otis had the responsibility of planting and watering the seeds and he took it very seriously. 

Otis watering seeds

Later in the day (with beautiful heavy rain outside) the boys sketched these fabulous seed pods on our Nature Table. Caspar experimented with shading which totally made my heart sing. We picked up or as Caspar said these seed pods stuck to our shoelaces while on a nature walk in an area new to us. 

On our nature table # Feb 16

I hope your Sunday was peaceful. 

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