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Homemade Beeswax Polish (and skin care product).

Beeswax Shavings #2

A friend recently shared with me how much she loves beeswax oil. I quizzed her some more and decided it was time I gave it ago. Previously Caspar has used Lavender Polish on timber but I'm thinking a homemade product would be nice. 

I used the recipe found at Natural Kids. First I measured the oil (1 cup of olive oil) and grated the beeswax (from our local market). I put the beeswax into the oil until it reached 1 1/4 cups. 

Beeswax shavings into oil

I heated the oil and beeswax slowly until they combined. 

Melted beeswax shavings in oil combined

I poured the oil mixture into jars and left to cool.  

Melted beeswax in jars

Cooled beeswax polish

I didn't realise until it cooled how wonderful it is on the skin. It nourishes dry skin and is also suitable as a lip balm (it has done wonders for my dry hands!). I put one jar in my bathroom for personal use. 

Beeswax lipbalm

The other jar is for polishing. My sister is expecting her first child in May. Naturally we are over the moon excited. The boys (it's Caspar's hands below) used the polish to bring back to life some of Otis' old baby toys  - ready for his little cousin.  

Beeswax polish on wooden Montessori baby toys

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