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School holidays, two long weekends in a row and I'm exhausted. Juggling this working (from home) and parenting deal I'm often left feeling inadequate. Today I have a couple of really lovely links to share that just might have saved my sanity. I'm a little in love with this comforting family/Waldorf blog. I feel so warm inside just scrolling through the pages. Before the school holidays I downloaded the April family rhythms and found many wholesome ideas. Working at night I've been listening to the girl next door podcasts. I feel like I have two new best friends! Kelsey (who... Read more →

When I found out I was pregnant I started researching. When I read about breastfeeding I knew I was going to give it all I could to make it happen. As breastfeeding doesn't work out for many families I wanted to give it my best shot. I got in contact with my local breastfeeding association. Breastfeeding seemed like the weirdest thing to do. Milk - from my breasts?? It was sooo foreign. Until I attended Australian Breastfeeding Association meetings I had never directly seen a woman breastfeed. Academically I thought introducing solids at (or around) six months and finishing breastfeeding... Read more →

The above illustration Caspar describes as 'How the World Began' - these are particles rubbing together. Not the typical artwork that a six year old brings home from school (unless they are in Montessori). I have really struggled to understand how learning occurs in the Cycle Two classroom. It is just so different from Cycle One. Caspar (my first child) is now six and entered the Cycle Two classroom full time this year. I have never seen him so enthused about school and I have never seen him so engaged. The key to understanding the learning that occurs in this... Read more →

Many months ago I was talking to another parent about pasting, she asked which paste we use and what the ingredients were. I had a look on the container (it was a leading brand school paste) it said non-toxic. It wasn't enough for her (she didn't want her child to use it) and I completely understand. When toddlers paste they can get paste all over their hands and may even consume it, non-toxic on the label isn't really reassuring. So this recipe is totally natural and edible and it works. Paste recipes are a bit like play-dough recipes. There are... Read more →

Crushing egg shells is strangely satisfying. Otis has recently stopped eating eggs however Caspar still loves them. (Child's Lemon Cotton Apron). It was always going to be difficult for me to juggle my time once opening the shop. I didn't want to run two blogs however I feel the need to write more about the shop (as most of my days are spent there) and I feel hesitant to even show photographs of our home or the boy's shelves, what they are doing - here on this blog as all of our photographs include many of our own products. There... Read more →

Although today was filled with sunshine the next couple of days are forecast for rain. Time to wash and I could use as much help as I could get. Watching Otis do the washing made me think. He turns three later this week and he is doing exactly the same practical life activities as when he turned two. He's just doing them to a higher skill level. He is now proficient. He doesn't need any demonstration, advice or help. He is still in that sensitive period for practical life where he just can't get enough. He can't sit back and... Read more →