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Home Made Paste

How we Montessori Paste

Many months ago I was talking to another parent about pasting, she asked which paste we use and what the ingredients were. I had a look on the container (it was a leading brand school paste) it said non-toxic. It wasn't enough for her (she didn't want her child to use it) and I completely understand. When toddlers paste they can get paste all over their hands and may even consume it, non-toxic on the label isn't really reassuring. So this recipe is totally natural and edible and it works.

Paste recipes are a bit like play-dough recipes. There are lots out there, most of them very basic and very easy. In the past I have mixed up a bit of flour and water however had bookmarked this recipe

Mix flour and sugar. I've used plain flour and castor sugar. Add water slowly and combine, it should be smooth not lumpy. Mix in the vinegar. 

Mixing homemade paste

Cook on low heat until it thickens. I use a whisk to reduce lumps.  

Mixing paste #2

Once it thickens I put it through it through a sieve (possibly not necessary but I had heaps of lumps). It needs pushing with the whisk but in the end it is really smooth. Once it is cooled I put it in some jars.  

Homemade paste #3

Otis uses some cutting strips to snip some pictures. 

Otis cutting strips for pasting

Then the paste.   

Otis pasting

It really works. The dried result is a firm bond between paper.  

Otis pasting butterflies

I've decided to keep ours refrigerated. Otis has his own small refrigerator so it's still easily accessible.

Next time I'm asked I know exactly what is in our paste!

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